Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully before completing your Cycle Works registration.


Cycle Works is a workplace challenge which aims to improve the overall health and fitness of Canberrans by increasing the number of people who ride to work in the ACT, and go on to make cycling a part of their daily lives.

Cycle Works is an online platform owned and operated by Pedal Power ACT Inc. By visiting the Cycle Works website (www.cycle-works.com.au) and accessing the information & resources we provide, you understand and agree to accept and adhere to the terms and conditions below and those stated in our Privacy Policy.

What is Cycle Works?

  • Cycle Works is owned and operated by Pedal Power ACT Inc.
  • Cycle Works is an online platform that aims to improve the overall health and fitness of Canberrans by increasing the number of people who ride to work in the ACT.
  • Your details will not be given to any third parties other than as set out in our Privacy Policy.
  • We will communicate with you by email with information about the Cycle Works program and other cycling related initiatives coordinated by Pedal Power ACT.
  • You can unsubscribe from emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.
  • We are not responsible for your safety on your bike and do not accept responsibility for any injury sustained or property damaged throughout your participation in Cycle Works. It is your responsibility to take the appropriate steps to ensure you ride safely, obey the road rules and ensure the bike you ride is roadworthy.

What We Expect from You

Cycle Works is an online platform focused on encouraging more people to cycle. We expect participants of Cycle Works to also be encouraging of others participants. Abusive or inaccurate comments, content or behaviour will not be tolerated.

Event Rules

In conjunction with the terms and conditions for Cycle Works, the following rules and information are provided and enforced to ensure the experience for every participant is positive.

Rules for Cycle Works are as follows

  • Individuals must register and can agree to join a workplace or remain an individual.
  • Participants must obey all road rules whilst taking part in Cycle Works
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to be self-sufficient and ensure the bike they ride is roadworthy and take appropriate measures to remain safe and consider the safety of others when taking part in Cycle Works.
  • Participants are to ensure any information including logging of kilometres or updating of pledges is truthful and to the best of their knowledge at the time.

Conditions of Participation.

The participant acknowledges and agrees that participating in Cycle Works is at their own risk. Participants accept that when riding they are at risk and may suffer or cause injury or property loss or damage. Participants will take care to avoid injury or damage to others and themselves. Participants accept that Pedal Power ACT Inc./Cycle Works limits its liability. Participants taking part in Cycle Works waive, to the extent permitted by the law, any claim, right or cause of action which they personally and their heirs, executors and administrators may have in contract and civil wrongs law, arising from any personal injury, damage or loss arising out of participating in Cycle Works. Participants accept that this release from liability operates in contract law in favour of Pedal Power ACT Incorporated and all officers, members, volunteers and employees of Cycle Works and all sponsors of Cycle Works and operates whether the damage is due to any act or neglect of any of them. We reserve the right to remove any participant or workplace from Cycle Works who do not represent the best interest of Cycle Works.

Need to Contact Us?

If you have any questions or comments about these Terms & Conditions, please contact us at:
Pedal Power ACT, GPO 581, Canberra ACT 2601.

Prizes – Terms and Conditions

  1. Instructions on how to enter and other details contained within promotional advertisements for this competition form part of the conditions of entry.
  2. By entering the competition, entrants agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Terms and Conditions of this competition are governed by the laws of the Australian Capital Territory.
  4. The competition is being run by Pedal Power ACT Inc, ABN 98 440 716 821, GPO Box 581, Canberra ACT 2601.
  5. The Cycle Works Challenge (“the competition”) commences at 12:01am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Monday 16 March 2020.
  6. The closing time for entering the competition is 11:59pm AEST on Friday 10 April 2020.
  7. Entry to the competition is limited to Cycle Works participants.
  8. To enter the competition, the entrant must: 1) Register for the Cycle Works Challenge online at cycle-works.com.au; 2) Not withdraw from the event, and 3) Log a ride.
  9. Entry to the competition is free. Entrants will be responsible for all costs associated with entering the competition, which may include costs associated with accessing the internet.
  10. Entrants may only enter the competition once unless otherwise stated.
  11. Staff employed by Pedal Power ACT Inc and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter the competition.

There will be prizes. These prizes will be, 1 x Trek FX 3 hybrid bicycle ($1099.99),   5 x $100.00 Rebel Sport gift vouchers, 20 x $65.00 Truefitt & Hill gift vouchers, 1 x Monkeysee reflective harness ($33.00 each), 1 x Monkeysee women’s reflective gloves ($39.00 each), 2 x BBB Signal light sets ($99.95 each), 2 x BBB Quick Chain Locks ($79.95 each), 2 x BBB reflective backpack covers ($39.95 each), 30 x assorted Mitas bicycle tubes ($12.95-$14.95 each), 8 x Mitas Flash Stop Thorn tyres ($59.95 each), 1 x Basil Magnolia Carry Bag ($129.95), 1 x Basil Boheme Shoulder Bag ($139.95).

  1. There will be random draw/s at 10:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time on the following dates in March & April 2020: Thursday 19 March 2020 (2 x Truefitt & Hill vouchers, 1 x Rebel Sport gift voucher), Thursday 26 March 2020 (3 x Truefitt & Hill vouchers, 1 x Rebel Sport gift voucher), Thursday 2 April 2020 (2 x Truefitt & Hill vouchers, 1 x “monkeysee” reflective gloves, 2 x $100.00 Rebel Sport gift vouchers), Thursday 9 April 2020 (3 x Truefitt & Hill vouchers, 1 x $100.00 Rebel Sport gift voucher) and Wednesday 15 April 2020.
  2. All draws will take place at Level 2, Griffin Centre, 20 Genge Street, Canberra ACT. The draw/s will be by a Pedal Power ACT staff member.
  3. The prize winners will be contacted on the day of the draw. Winners will be notified by the email address supplied by the entrant at the time of registration.
  4. If the prize winner does not respond to claim the prize within three (3) months of the draw, a re-draw will be conducted within seven (7) days of the expiry of that three (3) month period, dates are Friday 19 June 2020, Friday 26 June 2020, Friday 3 July 2020, Friday 10 July 2020 and Friday 17 July 2020 in the same location, and with the same method.
  5. Redraws will continue in the same manner until all prizes have been claimed by prize winners.
  6. The prize may be collected in person by the prize winner or parent/legal guardian or may be mailed/couriered.
  7. If a prize winner who has been contacted and been made aware of their prize-winning, and has agreed to collect the prize or for which collection is the only method for receiving the prize, does not collect the prize within three (3) months of this contact, a re-draw will be conducted within seven (7) days of the expiry of that three (3) month period, in the same location, and with the same method.
  8. The prize winner will be responsible for all costs associated with collecting and using the prize.
  9. By entering the competition, the entrant agrees that they are over the age of 18 years, or if under the age of 18 years, have their parent’s or legal guardian’s consent to enter the competition.
  10. The prize is not redeemable for cash or an alternative prize.
  11. The prize is not transferrable.
  12. The prize winner’s name will be published on the Pedal Power ACT Inc & Cycle Works website and published in the NewsWheel email newsletter (Pedal Power EDM) on the following dates: Friday 20 March 2020, Friday 27 March 2020, Friday 3 April 2020, Thursday 9 April 2020 & Friday 17 April 2020. It will also be published in the Cycle-Works EDM on Monday 23 March 2020, Monday 30 March 2020, Monday 6 April 2020 & Monday 13 April 2020.
  13. By entering the competition, entrants grant Pedal Power ACT Inc permission to use their full name and suburb on its website for up to six months from the date of the draw.
  14. Pedal Power ACT Inc is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any problems or any financial costs incurred, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to participants or any other persons related to or resulting from participation in this competition.
  15. Pedal Power ACT Inc accepts no responsibility and shall not be held legally liable or responsible for any accident, loss, injury or damage to any individual or property whether direct or indirect, whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the competition or the prize, either during or after the competition.
  16. Entry into the competition signifies acceptance of all conditions. Entrants are required to abide by the Terms and Conditions as presented.
  17. Pedal Power ACT Inc’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  18. Personal information provided by an entrant to Pedal Power ACT Inc for the purpose of entering the Competition will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with Pedal Power ACT Inc Privacy Statement. A copy of the privacy statement is available at http://www.pedalpower.org.au. Personal information collected will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed to any third party otherwise than in accordance with the Pedal Power ACT Inc privacy statement, the Cycle-Works Terms & Conditions and these Terms and Conditions.