Changing or resetting your password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password, click the ‘Login’ button and locate the ‘Forgot password’ link. This will guide you through the process of setting up a new password. If you would simply like to change your existing password, once logged into the dashboard click on ‘Update Account’. You can then enter a new password and save the settings.

How do I create a workplace profile (as the workplace officer)?

Registering a workplace can be done at the time of user registration. As you are entering your details you will be prompted to ‘Join an existing company’ or ‘Create a Company’.

How do I find & join my workplace?

During user registration, you will be prompted to ‘Join an existing company’ or ‘Create a Company’. If your company has already been created you can select from a drop-down list of previously created companies.

Can I transfer or leave a workplace?

If you have chosen the wrong team, or just want to leave a team and take on the world solo, you can edit your team information in the account section of your dashboard when logged in. Click on Update Account in the sidebar, change your company and save.

How do I delete my profile / leave the challenge?

Just email us at cycle-works@pedalpower.org.au with your Name, username and reason for leaving the challenge. We can delete your profile and you will be removed from the competition.

How do I add a profile picture to my account?

You can choose a profile picture at the time of user registration. Just click ‘Edit picture’ to upload an image directly from your computer.

How do I log my ride?

There are two ways to log your rides for Cycle Works. The first way is to connect your Cycle Works account to your Strava profile. This can be done from the Dashboard when logged in from the ‘Connect Strava’ link in the sidebar. Strava is a free service for cyclists, runners and walkers allowing you to record your exercise activity using the free mobile app. For more information, visit www.strava.com.

The second way to record rides for Cycle Works is to manually enter your ride information after each ride you do. You can do this from the ‘Add Rides’ section of the Dashboard when logged in. You will be asked to enter the distance you rode, the date you rode, and to name your ride. It’s a good idea for you to keep track of the distances you are riding so you can add this information easily. If you are unsure about how far you rode, you can use Google Maps tools to calculate distances.

Why should I take part in the challenge?

Cycling is easy, cheap & fun! Get your daily dose of exercise by riding to work and have some fun doing it by taking part in the challenge. Make your pledge or accumulate your kilometres throughout the month & help your workplace to victory! But more importantly feel better – and help the environment feel better too.

I already ride – why should I take part in the challenge?

It’s fun, it’s free and you can help lead your team to victory! And by recording your rides you can help provide vital information towards helping improve our cycle paths and infrastructure in and around Canberra – which benefits everyone.

How can I work out the best cycling route from home to my workplace?

Ask us! Or perhaps a colleague, friend or neighbour already rides and might have the answer. There are also many options available online to help you with this, some examples are www.mapmyride.com.au, www.googlemaps.com.au, just to name a few.

How can I encourage others to take part in the challenge?

Talk about it! Let people know you are doing it & encourage them to join you. Perhaps if you’re both new, or just getting back into cycling, you could ride together.

DO I need to be a MAMIL?

NO – but if you are that’s great too! Don’t make a big deal out of ‘special’ clothes & gear. Ride in what you feel comfortable and safe in.

What Rules do I need to follow when riding on roads?

Follow the link below for further information on Road Rules for cyclist in the ACT.


What do I do with my Bike when I’m at work?

Find out what facilities your workplace offers OR what facilities you as the employer offer. Find out where you can secure your bike at work & what amenities are available.

How can I get a Cycle Session presentation at our office?

Simply register your interest when registering your workplace or contact us at cycle-works@pedalpower.org.au