Cycling Tips

Not Confident – Plan & practise your route

If you are new to cycling or haven’t been on the bike for some time, your best bet is to plan your ride.  Work out the best route that works for you. It may be the fastest route and includes riding on roads or you might be happy to take a more scenic route and travel along the many cycle paths Canberra has to offer. Either way you need to find something that makes you feel confident and want to keep on riding. Plan & ride your route on a weekend or at a point when you’re more relaxed and ride it when you’re not in a rush so when you are on your first ride to work to you are a little more confident and know what to expect. Leave a little earlier the first time you ride and if you get there with some time to spare reward yourself with a coffee before work!

I live too far from work.

Perhaps you might feel like the distance to work is just out of reach, why not try Park and Pedal? Head to to find out more and don’t worry this still counts towards your pledge!

Begin with an achievable distance & frequency

You will feel better being able to achieve these goals & you can always add on from here.

Be safe

Obey the road rules and make sure you are visible to other road users.

Plan Ahead

Perhaps plan your week and take your clothes to work the day before you commute on bike.

Lock it

Make sure you have a lock for your bike and practise using it before heading out.

Show your bike some love

Dust off & pump up those tyres! Be prepared, before starting the challenge, visit for information or have your bike serviced at your local bike shop.